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Birdsong   Behavior   Evolution

I am a behavioural ecologist and evolutionary biologist specialized in bioacoustics.

I explore how urbanization and human activity affects animals.

I am based at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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Please contact me if you would like to work on one of these projects. The research office currently has grants for graduate students.

Noisy Tourists

We have placed recorders around a popular Queensland eco-tourist resort to measure the impact of noise on local bird and frog communities.

Eggs and Noise

Together with Drs Kate Buchanan and Alizee Melliere, we investigate how egg-bound zebra finches develop in noisy human environments.

Darwin's Finches

This international collaboration uses genomic techniques to trace the song evolution of Darwin's finches.

Ocean Trash and Birds

This collaboration with Dr Kathy Townsend investigates how much birds interact with plastics from the ocean.

Traffic Noise and Frogs

This work considers how traffic noise interferes with native female frogs trying to mate.

Dominique Potvin

Dr Dominique Potvin

Lecturer of Animal Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast

In addition to my research I coordinate Animal Form, Function and Evolution. I teach for Terrestrial Vertebrates, Conservation Biology, Population Ecology and Genetics, and Animal Behaviour.

Associate Editor & Communications Editor at Emu: Austral Ornithology

PhD in Zoology from the University of Melbourne (2012)

MSc in Biology from the University of Western Ontario (2008)

BSc (Hon) in Biology and Music from Queen's University, Canada (2006)

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